Power Flushing Leicester

Power Flushing

Power Flushing in Leicester £199
I'm a fully qualified Gas Safe engineer with over 30 years experience and I have public liability insurance to protect you and your property.
I'm a Worcester Accredited Installer and a member of the Power Flushing Association..

Full Power Flush - £199

Price is based on a problem free central heating system with up to 8 radiators. Power Flushed through a magnetic filter, cleaned with chemicals and Inhibitor added.
A printed certificate is ussued with every Power Flush.

  • Black water when bleeding
  • Radiators are cold at the bottom
  • Noisy system and boiler
  • Boiler cuts in and out a lot
  • Radiators need bleeding all the time
  • Radiators stop working all together
  • House feels cool


Power Flush Procedure
  • Flush through a magnetic filter
  • A flush with chemicals and clean
  • Warm up flush and clean
  • Flush each individual radiator
  • Then go through system in reverse
  • Flush system until water is clean
  • Add inhibitor and bleed radiators